Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What We Really Look Like

I am big and fierce with sharp fangs, but I am stuck in the body of a five year old boy! Can somebody please let me out?

If you were given a piece of paper and asked to draw a self-portrait....what would be seen?  I never really thought about this until this week. For one of our math lesson the students were to draw a self-portrait.  Simple...easy...quick. I told them, "Draw yourself and nothing else....just you."  Oh my, some of these kiddos have some very interesting ideas of what they look like. 

If it were me, I would draw a stick picture of a girl.....well....but would really like to draw a picture of a princess wearing the most BEAUTIFUL dress with  people doing all my work.  ;O)   These kiddos view themselves very differently than someone who is older.  I had to laugh when I saw their pictures and realize they are five.  

The types of self-portraits drawn:
- Spiderman
- A boy with fangs
- A girl on a grassy hill smelling flowers
- A boy with large muscles

I love the imagination of these kids.  It makes me see some hope that they will always view them selves as something strong and powerful in a world full of crazy.  I hope that they know that how they view themselves is very important and to not let anyone take that from them.

They are important even if they believe they are Spiderman!